Track 3 / Room: Mezzo
10.00 - 10.30

Implementation of flexibility from low-hanging fruit to complete brand independent home energy management solutions in an energy eco-system

Giovanni will indicate several concrete pathways in the field of energy flexibility. On the one hand, with the large numbers combined with solar panels on homes. On the other hand, the need and actual implementation of a home energy management system (HEMS) in private homes in Belgium because of laws and regulations

Presented by Giovanni Oorthuizen, Smart energy communicator at XEMEX.

Giovanni Oorthuizen

About Giovanni Oorthuizen

With his degree in Energy Engineering and his +12.5 years of experience in this industry, Giovanni has always been at the forefront of the energy transition. This started at a major Builder with monitoring and optimising various assets such as (hospitals) houses & museums based on different types of data such as energy consumption/power/comfort. From there, he made a stop-over at a consultancy firm but eventually ended up at an international supplier and, since one year, a more local player in Belgium. The big promise here is to make scalable and smart solutions for the built environment that have a real impact in the field of energy flexibility and the current local issues in the Netherlands and Belgium.


For more than 25 years Xemex has been supplying its customers with solutions and devices for meter reading transmission. Xemex focuses primarily on the development and production of cellular and fixed network communications solutions for smart metering applications and solutions, independent of the meter type and protocols.

Our broad product portfolio offers products and solutions for different type of meters (electricity, gas, water and thermal), PV solar energy, and Home Energy Monitoring. Xemex offers the tools to help both to reduce energy cost, improve energy efficiency, and manage the carbon footprint.


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