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10.00 - 10.30

The Real-time Interface: Direct DSO control of flexibility assets for congestion. What is it? And how does it impact flex markets?

Direct control of assets by the DSO. In the Netherlands this is called the Real-Time Interface (RTI).

- The results of a study into the top 6 PV countries in Europe and how far DSO control is in them.
- Insights and discussion on the revenue model for sustainable energy generators when the RTI is activated by the DSO.
- Elaboration of the Real-Time Interface certification process from the Dutch DSO branche organization Netbeheer Nederland.
- Update and lessons learned on current projects with DSO Enexis, Stedin and Liander (in the field at the end of Sept) to test the Teleport with their backends for the Real-Time Interface.

Presented by Paul Mignot, WiththeGrid

Paul Mignot - WiththeGrid

About Paul Mignot

Paul Mignot, CEO & founder of Withthegrid. Worked at one of the largest Dutch grid operators where he witnessed first hand the challenges of realizing a new and fully renewable energy system. After winning the first prize at an Intel hackathon in Amsterdam, Withthegrid was born. In his spare time he likes to run very long distances or spend time with his family.

About WiththeGrid

Withthegrid provides an asset monitoring and control platform for energy infrastructure and connected assets. It's teleport gateway can connect to any smart grid asset and provide monitoring and control functionality through one API. Its monitoring solution is used by leading infrastructure owners in electricity, gas, district heating and water sector.


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