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Towards integrated and coordinated markets – a journey of challenges and opportunities

The topic of flexibility is on the rise. More flexibility is needed in the system and consequently more flexibility will enter the system, coming from a variety of sources, connected to different voltage levels, with different flexibility profiles. Novel services are designed by grid operators for which they would like to use flexibility, from long term planning up until real-time operations.  The emergence of all those novel services and applications across Europe results in a risk of fragmented markets with low liquidity and open to gaming issues.  Harmonization becomes crucial but how to deal with European harmonization without ignoring the individual nature of the end consumer? Moreover, the complexity for system operators to use flexibility for different purposes from different locations is sharply increasing. In this presentation, key insights from leading EU and Belgian projects are shared about the most impacting challenges and the possible solutions.

Presented by Helena Gerard

Helena Gerard

About Helena Gerard

Helena Gerard (1984) received her M.Sc degree in Commercial Engineering, specialization finance, from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2007. At the same university she received an advanced master in Financial Economics in 2008. From 2008 till 2014, she worked for the energy company ENGIE (former GDF Suez).  She occupied several positions in the field of sustainable energy and portfolio management. In 2014, she joined EnergyVille as senior researcher.  She is responsible for the development of the EnergyVille roadmap on energy market design. She is involved in both (inter)national research projects as well as commercial contract research in the field of market design and system operation. She currently leads the work on market design in the European projects EU-Sysflex (H2020) and OneNet (2020). She is chairing the BRIDGE working group on Regulation (EU) and the Flemish working group on Flexibility (Stroomgroep Flexibiliteit). She is coordinator of the Belgian funded project ALEXANDER that focuses on the acceleration of flexibility from the low voltage grid.

About Vito Energyville

EnergyVille is een samenwerking tussen de Belgische onderzoekspartners KU Leuven, VITO, imec en UHasselt voor onderzoek naar duurzame energie en intelligente energiesystemen. EnergyVille ontwikkelt de technologieën en kennis om publieke en private stakeholders te ondersteunen bij hun transitie naar een energie-efficiënte, gedecarboniseerde en duurzame stedelijke omgeving. De unieke complementariteit van de onderzoekspartners stelt ons in staat de hele waardeketen van het energiesysteem te integreren in ons onderzoek. Dit reikt van materialen en componenten tot het niveau van gehele energiesystemen, businessmodellen en strategieën. Onze activiteiten zijn verzameld in acht interdisciplinaire domeinen: zonne-energie, batterij-opslag, vermogenelektronica, thermische systemen, power-to-molecules, energie voor gebouwen en districten, elektrische netwerken, energiestrategieën en -markten.


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