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Consumer Perspectives: Unveiling the Potential of Flexibility – Insights from a Dutch Field Study

What core values play a role for consumers in providing flexibility and what does this mean for the amount of flexibility that can be unlocked? Using an innovative mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, this question was investigated and tested in practice. The results reveal how much flexibility can be unlocked from households and under what preconditions, with assets such as heat pumps, electric transport, home or neighborhood batteries and PV. These results from the consumer perspective aid in creating a representative picture of the actual residential flexibility that can be unlocked in the electricity system.

This work is part of the GO-e project which aims to reveal the role of flexibility in congestion management in the built environment, develop scalable flexibility services from an aggregator/supplier perspective and further develop protocols and architectures supporting the role out of these flexibility services. Within the GO-e project the consumer perspective plays an important role.

Joke Kort - TNO
Bob Ran - TNO

About Joke Kort

Joke Kort is a senior scientist Social Innovation and leader of the Consumer Engagement research group at TNO energy and materials transition – Energy Transition Studies. She has a background in cognitive psychology and social scientific information sciences and a professional doctorate in engineering in User System Interaction. Her research focuses on citizen and consumer engagement to accelerate the energy transition. She works on both national and European projects and programs.

About Bob Ran

Bob Ran serves is Program Manager for Electricity System Transition at TNO in the Netherlands. He oversees a research program that contains projects focused on various topics, including electricity market design, grid operations, energy system planning and operation, and engagement with end-users. With a foundation in electrical engineering and computer science, Bob has dedicated over a decade to working on energy flexibility within the scope of both national and European projects and programs.

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