Track 1 / Room: Studio
13.40 - 14.10

Home and Building Energy Management done right

Smart devices are an essential source of flexibility in our electricity grids. Many devices available on the market today have some kind of smartness built-in. Examples are the ability to protect the grid connection or tariff optimization. But is this flexible enough? And how does this work when a second smart appliance enters the home? Do they cooperate or will they interfere with each other?

This presentation addresses these questions and presents a way how all appliances can happily coexist and the control strategy can be easily adopted to the new needs that will arise.

Presented by Mente Konsman, Innovator at TNO and Wilfred Hoogerbrugge, Domain Architect at Technolution

Wilfred Hoogerbrugge

About Wilfred Hoogerbrugge

Wilfred has been working for Technolution for over twenty years, the last years as a domain architect within the business unit Energy. His main task is translating customer and market demands into working software solutions. Wilfred has been involved in projects about energy flexibility for almost ten years and via his work for different stakeholders like grid operators, energy companies and installation companies is aware of all the threads and opportunities the usage of flexibility can give.


Technolution combines decades of experience in system development, technology integration and electronics with a thorough knowledge of physics. We look forward to helping you rise to the challenge of keeping the energy supply working and to use it optimally and flexibly. The high reliability that is required of systems in the energy sector is reflected in our calm, quality-focused approach. Our expertise is improving and renewing existing infrastructure by adding tailor-made solutions through new technologies.

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