Track 3 / Room: Mezzo
13.40 - 14.10

Unlocking Demand Side Flexibility with Adaptive Optimisation & Real-time Control

Anastasios Rousis

About Anastasios Rousis

Dr. Anastasios Rousis, CEO and co-founder of SMPnet, is an accomplished engineer-turned-entrepreneur. Focused on sustainable energy solutions, he leads SMPnet in driving digitalisation and decarbonisation in the energy sector. He influences national policy as an advisor to the Greek government's Sectoral Council for Environment, Energy, and Sustainability Mobility. With a rich academic background, including dual master’s degrees and a PhD from Imperial College London, Dr. Rousis embodies a visionary bridging academia, entrepreneurship, and advocacy for a greener future.


SMPnet revolutionises power grids worldwide. We empower utilities with advanced solutions to enhance network capacity, integrate renewables, and reduce operational costs, driving the global energy transition.

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