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Lessons learned from the first 3 years of operating local flexibility markets in Norway and Sweden

NODES has been actively involved with several projects in Norway and Sweden where they provide their platform to incentivise and facilitate the use of distributed flexible energy resources through a market-based approach.  The networks are constrained and there is a need to stimulate better flexibility.   To date; TEN DSOs, TWO TSOs and TWENTY TWO active Flexibility Service Providers are trading on NODES’ independent market platform.  NODES has established a common language so that the DSOs can develop tools and methods while using market based solutions for congestion management purposes, provide the TSO with new aggregated resources for balancing the power system and help Aggregators to develop and test their own unique business models while offering flexible resources from their customers.

Over the last three years the NODES market platform has matched more than 32,000 trades for activation, with a total volume of 4.9 GWh from over 12 000 assets (totalling 92 GW registered flexibility) in Sweden and Norway.  In this session, NODES will present learnings and conclusions from these ongoing projects, and some of our ambitions for our platform for the coming years.

Presented by Guro Grøtterud of NODES

Guro Grotterud - Nodes

About Guro Grøtterud

Guro Grøtterud is a Senior Project Manager at NODES. Guro has been working in the European Energy sector since 2006, with main focus on regulating electricity markets. Prior to joining NODES in 2023, she held positions in the National Regulatory Authorities for Energy in France and Norway, and in EDF. She also worked as a national expert in ACER in 2021-2022. Guro has been appointed by SmartEN to represent them in the Demand Response Network Code Drafting Committee.  Guro holds Engineering degrees (MSc) from Ecole Polytechnique (2004) and Ecole des Mines de Paris (ParisTech, 2005).



NODES is a Norwegian technology company which is paving the way for a more sustainable future. NODES award winning market design and NODESmarket technology platform is helping speed up the energy transition by unlocking the value of flexibility within the electricity network.  NODES operates local flexibility markets.


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