Track 1 / Room: Studio
14.10 - 14.40

Empowering the Energy Landscape: Unleashing the Potential of EV Charging, Renewables, and Batteries in Home Energy Management

In today's evolving landscape, where homes and buildings are transitioning into energy producers and actively participating in grid stability, the isolation of home energy management systems is no longer viable. The foundation of interoperability and standardization is now crucial to guide this transformation in the optimal direction. Join us for an engaging panel discussion as we explore the prevailing market dynamics of home energy management systems. We'll uncover the surging integration of smart home and building technologies, alongside the escalating call for eco-conscious solutions.

Speakers / Members KNX panel

Tamika Balken

Tamika Balken

Product Manager Virtual Power Plant


Jesus Arias

Jesús Arias

Membership & Business Development


Maarten Hemker

Maarten Hemker

Product Manager & Systems Architect and City of Amsterdam

KNX Joost Demarest-1

Joost Demarest



About KNX

The demand for increased comfort and adaptability in managing heating, lighting, and other home and building systems is on the rise. Simultaneously, the importance of energy efficiency is growing. KNX steps in to address these needs, offering intelligent automation for enhanced convenience, safety, and energy savings. By streamlining control and monitoring across various applications with a unified ecosystem, KNX overcomes the challenges of extensive wiring, reduces design and installation efforts, and lowers costs while ensuring safety.


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