Track 1 / Room: Studio
14.10 - 14.40

Data management for flexibility markets

Presented by Thomas Tomme from Fluvius.

Thomas Tomme

About Thomas Tomme

Thomas has been working in the energy sector for 14 years. He is an industrial engineer with a background in economics. Currently, Thomas and his team at Fluvius (DSO) are in charge of coordinating the emerging flexibility market in Flanders and Belgium.

Thomas has a comprehensive, hands-on approach focused on the customers. He also acts as a connection to Synergrid, the federation of Belgian grid operators, and keeps an eye on developments in Europe.

With his expertise in data management, he will guide you through the current and future flexibility market.

About Fluvius

Fluvius System Operator cv is the independent company that is responsible for:

  • building, managing and maintaining the distribution grids for electricity and natural gas in all 300 Flemish municipalities
  • managing the public lighting in all 300 Flemish municipalities
  • building, managing and maintaining the sewerage system in 85 Flemish municipalities
  • building district heating grids
  • the duties of a social supplier of energy the promotion of the rational use of energy and water.

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