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Smart charging with Engie Drive

A simple, intuitive app to charge your car intelligently at home? ENGIE has developed Drive, an app that lets you automatically charge your car as efficiently and cheaply as possible, while helping to optimize the electricity grid. Together, on the road to energy transition.

Presented by Guillaume Chicco (Product Owner)  and Cédric Gelpi (Product Developer) from ENGIE BELGIUM.

Guillaume Chicco
Cedric GELPI

About Guillaume Chicco

Guillaume joined ENGIE in 2018 and works as a Business Developer within the team developing Product & Services for residential customers.

Lately, his focus lies on the innovations that are taking place at the residential level to enable customer to take an active role in the energy transition and empowered them to benefit of the electrification trends in a confidant way.

About Cédric Gelpi

Cédric joined ENGIE in 2005 and works as a Product Developer within the product and service development team for residential customers. Lately, he has focused on a mobile app that allows customers to charge their EVs at a lower cost and play an active role in the energy transition.


ENGIE is the Belgian market leader in the production and sale of electricity, natural gas and energy services. Having resolutely chosen the path of transition towards net zero carbon, the company offers innovative solutions to its residential, professional and industrial customers, for a more economical and rational use of energy and greater comfort. As a major producer of green energy in Belgium, ENGIE generates electricity close to its customers, thanks to a diversified and low carbon emissions.


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