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Efficient use of the grid by coordinating electricity use on industrial areas with collective contracts

The electricity grid is being used more and more intensively. As a result, we can no longer facilitate new transport requests in more and more places. By coordinating electricity consumption on industrial estates, we can use the grid more efficiently. In this way, economic growth and sustainability can continue. To facilitate this, the Dutch grid operator is developing the group contract for transport capacity.

Presented by Ton van Cuijk, flexibility strategist at Enexis.

Ton van Cuijk

About Ton van Cuijk

Ton van Cuijk, flexibility strategist at Enexis, is responsible for the Enexis vision on flexibility and the flexibility portfolio of Enexis, one of the largest Distribution System Operators of The Netherlands. Projects in the portfolio include various pilots where flexibility markets, connections with variable capacity and new tariff structures are practiced to get optimum use of the electricity grid.

Ton van Cuijk has 8 years of experience in the field as an Innovation Manager at the Asset Management Department. He studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg and started his career in 2008 at the young professional program at Enexis after which he worked in line management for five years.

About Enexis

Enexis is a distribution system operator, we supply electricity and natural gas to customers in the Dutch provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, North Brabant and Limburg. We are responsible for constructing, servicing, developing and operating the electricity and gas grids there. For well over a century, we have operated at the centre of society to ensure a reliable energy supply and provide services that we believe make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. By using our knowledge, expertise and energy in a variety of ways, we are helping accelerate the energy transition. This is very much a societal role – one that we also intend to continue in times of rapid change. Now and in the future.


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