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Local4Local: organizing energy sharing in energy communities

Local4local means organizing your own energy supply together with your energy community according to your own rules at a price that you (together) also control. This is where we want to go as quickly as possible as a cooperative movement in the energy transition. We are working on this concept with a consortium of thirteen partners.

Presented by Siward Zomer, director of the Dutch branche organization of sustainable energy communities 'Energie Samen' and boardmember

Siward Zomer - Energie Samen

About Siward Zomer

Siward Zomer is the cooperative director of Energie Samen and board member of Siward has been chairman of De Windvogel cooperative for 7 years and has co-developed several cooperative wind farms. He is also involved as board member of two local energy cooperatives in Amsterdam.

About Energie Samen

Energie Samen works to empower local communities to take control of their energy production and consumption by fostering cooperative initiatives, facilitating knowledge sharing, and advocating for favorable policies.

Energie Samen

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