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Scaling access to flexibility

  • To increase access to flexibility, and realize the energy transition, barriers need to be lifted.
  • The value of flexibility, whether its renewable aspect, but also its monetary value, need to be proven.
  • Data portability needs to be improved
  • This will result in more and better energy services to the consumer, creating competition behind the meter.
Antoine Mathieu - Elia

About Antoine Mathieu

Antoine Mathieu has obtained a MSc of Business Engineering at the UCL (Belgium), as well as a MSc in International Management at the CEMS. Antoine has been active in the Elia Group for over 10 years in a variety of domains. For the past years Antoine has contributed to Elia Group’s strategy with regards to platformisation and consumer centricity. He currently leads the development of a specific platform to foster the emergence of more and qualitative energy services in the context of the energy transition. As a product lead of the developer portal traXes, he contributes to the Consumer Centric vision of the Elia Group to unlock flexibility.

About Elia

Elia Transmission Belgium (Elia) is the Belgian electricity transmission system operator for high-voltage (30 kV to 70 kV) and extra-high voltage (110 kV to 400 kV).  It develops, builds and operates a robust electricity transmission system, both on- and offshore, and is responsible to devising services and mechanisms which supports the development of electricity markets at national and EU levels. Elia is part of Elia Group, which encompasses Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission GmbH in Germany.


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