Track 3 / Room: Mezzo
13.10 - 13.40

A blueprint for scaling up local flexibility markets

In this talk Nick Huntbatch from electron will review some of the key considerations in bringing local flexibility markets closer to system needs. Nick will also review the top challenges in increasing participation in local flexibility markets and propose workflows and functionality that help lower entry barriers.

Nick Huntbatch

About Nick Huntbatch

Nick Huntbatch, Head of Product at Electron, oversees the development of ElectronConnect, a multi-market trading platform for decentralised energy and flexibility. As an experienced Product Leader, he has spent the last 15 years building world-class, high-impact software which he has then taken to market. Nick specialises in highly technical, multi-stakeholder B2B software platforms in the energy sector, and has provided solutions to thousands of users across hundreds of organisations of all sizes. Nick’s current objective is to support the the decentralisation of energy across the UK, Europe, and the US as Electron expands across these regions.


Electron is a leading EnTech company that provides a marketplace platform for flexible electricity grids.

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