Track 2 / Room: Chapel
11.50 - 12.20

Managing the uncertainty in demand-side flexibility

The CSEM Digital energy solutions team has developed a unique data driven solution for quantifying demand response of these assets and for activating it in response to requests. Our solution is non-intrusive and scalable. It quantifies the uncertainty of the electrical consumption of the assets to mitigate dispatch risks and to comply with the requirements of the grid.

In this talk, we will present the main technical aspects of our solution. We will explain our approach of modelling both thermal and electrical assets as virtual batteries, whose baseline behaviour is learned using sample-efficient and uncertainty capable machine learning algorithms. For thermal systems based on heat pumps, we will explain how we use risk measures to quantify the asset flexibility in a robust manner. This quantification mitigates the unpredictability of the response to energy consumption requests and the robustness it affords is necessary to enter the secondary and tertiary control markets. We will discuss some of the challenges of extending this approach to the management of car charging. Finally, we will present the implementation of this solution through interoperable microservices and results of functional testing.

Dya Achi - CSEM

About Diya Achi

Diya Achi is a R&D Data Scientist working on Digital Energy Solutions at CSEM in Switzerland. A key topic she has been addressing for the past year is the flexibility management of distributed energy resources in various settings, such as ancillary services for the power market and the optimisation within energy communities. Some other subjects she worked on include anomaly detection on industrial applications and building simulation.

Diya has a background in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Energy from her bachelor’s and master’s degrees obtained at EPFL in Switzerland. Some of her past experiences include the development of a data-driven model to monitor the resources consumption of a chocolate factory, and a flow optimization study on a waste thermo-valorisation plant producing electricity and connected to a district heating network.

About CSEM

CSEM is a Swiss technology innovation center developing advanced technologies with a high societal impact, which it then transfers to industry to strengthen the economy. The non-profit orientated, public-private organization is internationally recognized, and works to support the disruptive activities of companies in Switzerland and abroad. CSEM operates in the domains of precision manufacturing, digitalization, and sustainable energy. To accomplish its mission as gateway between research and economy, CSEM's 550 employees from 44 countries collaborate with leading universities, scientific institutions, research institutes, and industrial partners. With its six sites in Allschwil, Alpnach, Bern, Landquart, Neuchâtel and Zurich, CSEM is active all over Switzerland.


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