Track 3 / Room: Mezzo
15.30 - 16.00

Battery Optimisation in action, from Mega to Tiny

During this keynote we will highlight some of the key insights we gained optimising battery storage systems across markets. The first part of the presentation will speak about the flexibility from mega battery, how can we help companies to optimise their assets? The second part will be devoted to the tiny battery. How can we bring flex at home?

Toon Hooyberghs
Stef Peeters

About Toon Hooyberghs

Toon Hooyberghs has a background in industrial engineering and completed a post-graduate focused on renewable energy before starting his career in the Energy sector. Currently Toon is almost 5 years active in the optimisation team at Centrica.

About Stef Peeters

Stef Peeters, European General Manager for residential flexibility at Centrica, is responsible for the development of Centrica’s IoT platform and its commercial rollout in Europe. The platform provides both connectivity, acts as an EMS and allows small scale flexibility access to flexibility markets. The devices connected to the platform range from residential heat pumps to medium-sized batteries.  Stef Peeters has a background in electrical engineering  and won the IMEC thesis on optimisation of PV panels. He has more than 8 years’ experience in the energy sector.

About Centrica

Centrica has 10 years’ experience of valorizing flexibility in Belgium. Since 2013, Centrica (formerly REstore) has taken on a pioneering role, by bringing the first flexibility portfolio consisting of Industrial assets to the market. This effort proved to be an important push towards the open & transparent flexibility markets we know today, where a large variety of assets and Flexibility providers can participate.

Today, Centrica has one of Europe’s largest and most advanced Virtual Power Plants, with at its core >300MW of installed and operational battery capacity of which about 50MW is installed and operated in Belgium.

Over the last years we have kept on investing in our technology and people our R&D team consists of 70+ experts.  This continued investment has consistently led to a lot of firsts in the market:

  • First to optimize a battery in aFRR in Belgium,
  • First to market a fully fletched multi-market Optimisation strategy that can dynamically switch assets between markets and create leverage by combining batteries with industrial assets,
  • First to bring residential assets to the FCR market in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

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