Track 1 / Room: Studio
13.10 - 13.40

Self-organizing prosumers taking explicit control of their flexibility assets


Tudo Ciaro

About Tudor Cioara

Tudor Cioara is a professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and leads a research laboratory on distributed systems. His research interest is focused on distributed ledgers and their applications in the decentralized management and control of the smart energy grid. He is leading several EU-funded projects that address challenges related to blockchain, peer-to-peer trading, and decentralized energy communities. He received the Romanian Academy award for his contributions in the area of intelligent solutions for energy ecosystems.

About Bright project

The increasing electrification of heat and transport coupled with larger deployment of decentralized renewable energy resources is disclosing new additional opportunities for Demand Response (DR). However DR potential has been exploited so far to a very limited extent at end consumer residential level, due to technologies immaturity, regulatory fuzziness, distorted business framework preventing end consumers to capture an appropriate value.

To cope with the above challenges, BRIGHT will leverage a participatory co-creation process where the consumers will play a central role. As a result it will be created a framework for promoting an adaptable multi-timescale DR (different flexible consumptions at different times) in a multi-layer community centred cross-domain.


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