Track 2 / Room: Chapel
11.20 - 11.50

DR through community-level consumer engagement leveraging on blockchain and digital twin technology combined with social science approaches

Presented by Vincenzo Croce.

Vincenzo Croce

About Vincenzo Croce

Vincenzo Croce is an Engineer in Computer Science. Since February 2001, he worked as senior researcher in Engineering’s R&D laboratory. Main focus of his research activities is in energy efficiency in district and local communities. He was involved with in many European projects with both technical and management responsibilities. Since 2007 his main research interest includes efficiency, energy consumption awareness and energy management systems. At this time he is managing BRIGHT project and participating to other European projects like PlatOne and OneNet.

During his professional life, he has also authored scientific publications presented at international conferences.

About Bright project

The increasing electrification of heat and transport coupled with larger deployment of decentralized renewable energy resources is disclosing new additional opportunities for Demand Response (DR). However DR potential has been exploited so far to a very limited extent at end consumer residential level, due to technologies immaturity, regulatory fuzziness, distorted business framework preventing end consumers to capture an appropriate value.

To cope with the above challenges, BRIGHT will leverage a participatory co-creation process where the consumers will play a central role. As a result it will be created a framework for promoting an adaptable multi-timescale DR (different flexible consumptions at different times) in a multi-layer community centred cross-domain.


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