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From ancillary services to energy communities: Spanish market is taking off

In the last year, the Spanish energy market operators have opened new opportunities for flexibility monetization and the market has taken off. The regulation has evolved and new markets such as the capacity market have been created. In 2024 more changes are planned and they will bring new opportunities to the energy consumers that aim to monetize their flexibility. Bamboo Energy has more than ten energy suppliers as clients, exploring and implementing flexibility management with their customers around the country. From industrial processes to batteries, from energy communities to electric vehicles, our software platform is 24/7 controlling and moving their loads to extract maximum value from their flexibility. A summary of the current situation in Spain together with ongoing Spanish flexibility use cases will be presented and discussed.

Cristina Corchero

About Cristina Corchero

Cristina Corchero is CTO and co-founder of Bamboo Energy. She holds a PhD in Statistics and Operations Research from the UPC. She is an expert on applying advanced optimisation tools to electricity markets, smart grid, smart communities, electric vehicle and hybrid systems. She has been Head of the Energy Systems Analytics Group at IREC for 10 years, leading a group of 25 scientists and more than 20 national and international projects on energy efficiency and new technologies system integration. She has led different tasks at the Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Technology and Collaboration Programme from the IEA and she is an expert on the GEF project on EV integration (UN). She has registered and patented different software solutions to optimize novel energy system integration and management. Since 2020, she is CTO of Bamboo Energy leading the development of the flexibility management technological platform.

About Bamboo Energy

We want to contribute in changing the current energy model towards a model in favor of people, society and the planet. Our purpose is to support the transition to cleaner energy sources by providing technological solutions (social-economic-environmental).

We developed an energy optimization technology platform for aggregation of demand flexibility to enable consumers to actively participate in the energy system and provide ways to monetize flexibility.

With our software platform we offer optimal flexibility management, from day-ahead trading to real-time flexibility operation.



Bamboo Energy

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