Track 2 / Room: Chapel
11.50 - 12.20

How can business parcs act as an energy transition catalyst via smartEnergy management?

Stefan will give a high level outline on the energy market trends and the role of energy communities and then illustrate this with various practical examples in which business parcs take up a primary role and will be able to deliver value towards the full stakeholder pallet amongst which the business owners but also the grid and overall towards the energy transition. The Dutch congestion problem will be highlighted and some high level solution approach will be mentioned in tight collaboration with the grid operators.

Stefan Lodeweyckx - Aug.e

About Stefan Lodeweyckx

Stefan has 25+ years professional experience and is a true high-tech entrepreneur with focus on the energy transition. The last 10 years he founded several companies in this area and has some more up his sleeve. He holds an MSc engineering and MBA and has solid international experience in the high-tech sector with hands-on and managerial knowledge ranging from start-ups, business development, engineering, operations, change to customer service and product/project/people management/planning.

About Aug.e

Aug.e is a Belgium energy start up with a smart energy management system that uses algorithms to efficiently predict and control all energy flows in, around and between (the) building(s) with the multiple purpose of :

  •  Optimal use of green energy 
  • Controlling energy costs
  • Generating new revenue streams through energy



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