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Why is KNX the right technology for making the Energy Transition in smart homes & buildings

The world is slowly but surely moving away from the use of fossil fuels for more renewable energy: also in homes and buildings this will result in drastic changes, for which customers are bombarded with a plethora of different technologies to solve the exercise. The presentation will show why the approach often suggested by competing technologies is not always the right choice for this, as the resulting integration of different application domains in homes & buildings will dramatically increase their complexity. Such complex homes and buildings are at best designed, configured, managed and maintained by competent professionals, for which KNX technology has proven to have the best building blocks.

Presented by Joost Demarest, KNX

KNX Joost Demarest

About Joost Demarest

Joost has a background in Electronics and Microprocessors, and is CTO & CFO at KNX Association.

About KNX

KNX Association developments and promotes an international communication standard for Home and Building Automation.

We are committed to developing a single stable and affordable system technology with the goal to improve overall market acceptance and expand the today’s market (mostly in commercial buildings) into the residential market. KNX Smart home and building solutions can be globally used, are secure and connected.  To ensure that the market recognises KNX Association, its members and their products as the driving force worldwide to open the Market of smart homes and buildings and enhance the share of intelligent building infrastructure. KNX Association with its standard KNX is a creator of business opportunities.


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