FAN en SmartEN proudly present

FLEXCON2023, the fifth edition of the two-day energy flexibility conference, is a wrap.

We hosted 45 sessions on flexibility solutions, focussing on end-users, data sharing patterns,
Artificial Intelligence, market developments, policies and efficient local optimisations.

The event sold out very fast, and gathered an audience of more than 300 participants including market players, system operators, public authorities, researchers and energy intensive industry representatives.

All participants were discussing the progress made, debate solutions, exchange views and align on the industry’s next steps towards speeding up the energy transition.


20 - 21 September 2023 in BRUSSELS, BELGIUM​

Speakers at FLEXCON 2023


about flex and renewable energy

Best practices

learn from success stories

New concepts

in smart energy


with experts from all over the world

A Few Words

About the FLEXCON organization

FLEXCON 2023 is organized by Flexiblepower Alliance Network and smartEn.

Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN) founded in 2013, wants to stimulate the flexibility of the energy system. FAN wants to make an open and fair energy system possible, in which surplusses and shortages of sustainable energy are absorbed by means of flexibility in energy supply and demand.

SmartEn is the European business association integrating the consumer-driven solutions of the clean energy transition. We aim to create opportunities for every company, building and car to support an increasingly renewable energy system.

Platinum sponsors Flexcon 2023

TKI Urban Energy

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

25-27 September 2024

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