We believe that Flexible Energy is the next evolutionary step towards a decentralized sustainable powered energy grid. The transition to Flexible Energy requires a paradigm shift in how we consume energy: from demand driven to supply driven. Or simply put; if the sun shines turn on your washing machine, if the wind blows charge your battery…

However the transition to this new model is extremely complex. It requires businesses to rethink their business models, it also requires a smarter grid, a new set of regulations, standardization and most importantly it requires awareness amongst all stakeholders in the ecosystem. FLEXCON brings together parties form all over the world interested in flexible energy to share ideas, solutions, best practices, new developments and more.

FLEXCON2024 is a three-day conference dedicated to Energy Flexibility. In the previous editions participants from all over the world joined our workshops and conferences.

Each day of FLEXCON2024 aims to highlights specific Smart Energy related topics, with keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops. Each day ends with drinks, networking and informal discussions, and on day 1 there is a networking dinner for sponsors and other invitees.

Join us in Amsterdam, September 25-27, 2024!

Organizations behind FLEXCON

FAN - Flexible Power Alliance Network

Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN), founded in 2013, promotes the use of flexibility in the energy system. FAN wants to make an open and fair energy system possible, in which surpluses and shortages of sustainable energy are absorbed by means of flexibility in energy supply and demand.

FAN strives for maximum utilization and opening up of flexibility in the energy system through the use of open standards. Tariffs, regulations and markets can and must stimulate the flexibility of energy supply and demand. FAN aims to create broad support in Europe for its ideas, in which an open standard for flexibility, free access to the market, opening up as many potential flex sources as possible and freedom of choice for the end user are central.

As FAN we like to work together with end users, market parties and government with the aim of realizing a flexible, sustainable energy system. We focus our efforts in particular on end users who have so far provided little flexibility.

SmartEN - Color@2x

SmartEn is the European business association integrating the consumer-driven solutions of the clean energy transition. We aim to create opportunities for every company, building and car to support an increasingly renewable energy system.

Our mission

  • Promote system efficiency through the advanced management and integration of electricity demand and supply in homes and buildings, transportation, businesses and decentralised energy projects.
  • Empower energy users by enabling them to participate in the energy market through flexible demand, storage, self-generation and the participation in community projects, and giving them control of their energy data.
  • Encourage innovation and diversity by enabling new market players and energy service offers that provide attractive choices for consumers and allow for healthy competition.
  • Drive the decarbonisation of the energy sector through the cost-effective integration of renewable sources and smart electrification of heating, cooling and transport.

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Platinum sponsors Flexcon 2024

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

25-27 September 2024

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